About Us

Our Story

In forming Alchemy Glow I set out to build a business I’m passionate about that my daughters could be a part of creating. For me, I’ve learned in the past couple of years that no amount of money is truly fulfilling, and my day job left me feeling depleted and disconnected.

When I sat down and really asked myself what I really wanted in lifeā€¦ what could I get excited about waking up for in the morning? As a single woman the past couple of years I have enjoyed working hard and financial security is wonderful but something was missing.. heart, and a true sense of purpose. I asked myself when am I happiest and what makes me feel alive? My children and helping others is at the top of the list that I made.

This lead me to the idea of forming Alchemy Glow. Creating natural products with my daughters that I can feel good about sharing with others and most importantly passionate about.
I managed a teeth whitening company years ago and I remembered how good it felt to be a part of providing a service that not only made people smile but smile confidently. My oldest daughter had been practicing the art of contour spray tanning and thinking of attending Esthetics School for months and everything seemed to fit and fall into place with this business model.

The most important part of this business, is to not only provide quality products and services but to give back to the community and make it a better place. Our family has called Boise home for almost a century now and we love the City of Trees. Having the opportunity to make a difference where we can is where having a reason to get up in the morning and where having a true sense of purpose comes in, is what is more valuable and has provided more than anything for us.